Edited by: franzLAB
Design: Elisabeth Hölzl
Format: 16×24 cm, 54 pages
1st edition of 100 copies numbered and signed
Date of publication: 2021
ISBN: 978-88-945462-1-7
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Madre di Dio (Mather of God) is the first of a series of three chapters that Davide Perbellini dedicates to the photographic documentation of Catholic places of worship in South Tyrol in 1945 and 1980.
The result of a work that spanned several years, this project gives a photographic testimony of a period characterized by the coexistence of profound renovations in ecclesiastical architecture – especially since the Second Vatican Council, an historical watershed – and by the persistence of models more anchored to the past, also in relation to the loss of the prime role of the Church as an arts patron.
The choice of the trilogy – Mother of God, Son of God, House of God – seems to refer primarily to the Holy Trinity, and therefore on a theological level, to one of the founding mysteries of Christianity. Nonetheless, Perbellini’s approach seems far removed from devotional intentions, instead adopts seriality – with the conceptual implications it entails with the language of photography – for a lucid analysis of these spaces, rigorously empty and recounting both their scenographic dimension and the iconographies they contain.
What emerges is a story based on juxtapositions of images created by analogies rather than on chronologies or stylistic affinities linked to different historical moments.

Extract from the introductory text by Anna Zinelli