Born in Merano in 1990. From an early age he began to pursue his father’s passion by photographing with his camera. Between 2010 and 2012, he moved to Milan where, in addition to attending a photography course, he worked as an assistant photographer for some local studios. Back in South Tyrol, and after a brief interlude as a news photographer for a local newspaper, he worked as a stills photographer for several Italian and German film productions. From 2014 he has been dedicating himself exclusively to architectural photography. A pupil of Marco Introini, he focuses his photographic research on the understanding and analysis of the natural and urban territories, always trying to build a relationship between architecture and the surroundings. He currently lives in Merano and works mainly in the north of Italy, collaborating with architecture studios, designers and trade magazines.

2018 / Spuren_Tracce, Franz Messner. Edition Raetia
2018 / Premio di Architettura 2013_2016. Costruire il Trentino
2019 / Young Visionaries. The new generation of architects
2019 / Turris Babel n. 112_Premio Architettura Alto Adige
2019 / Turris Babel n. 113_Competition. Concorsi di progettazione in Alto Adige
2019 / Forbes Austria. N. 7 – 19
2019 / Turris Babel n. 115_In profondità la galleria di base del Brennero
2019 / Turris Babel n. 116_Super Südtirol
2020 / Lavori in Corso – Die Bozner Freiheitsstraße
2020 / “Shukran”, Self-publishing
2020 / Morness #2_On Trees and Woods
2021 / Cultura in Movimento_Merano 1695-1990

2019 / Solo exhibition / 00A Gallery / Merano / Italy
2019 / Collective exhibition / Centro Candiani / Mestre / Italy
2019 / Collective exhibition / Officine Fotografiche Milano / Italy

2019 / Artefici del Nostro Tempo_3° Place
2020 / Moscow International Foto Award_Honorable Mention